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Commun Sci Disord. 2007;12(2): 317-333.
Effects of Peer-mediated Intervention via AAC on the Communicative Behaviors of Children with Severe Physical Disabilities
Myunghee Lee` , and Eunhye Park`
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이명희(Myunghee Lee)| 박은혜(Eunhye Park)
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Background & Objectives
The purposes of this study were 1) to examine the effects of peer mediation via augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) training method, and 2) to provide some implications for integrated programs of children with physical disabilities (PD) in general preschool settings. The peer children in this study were defined as everyday role play counterparts of the children with PD in integrated daycare centers.
We calculated the occurrence rates of the following three types of behaviors of the three children with PD: 1) initiation behaviors, 2) response behaviors, and 3) initiation behaviors utilizing AAC method. A multiple probe baseline design across the participants was used.
The peer mediation increased the occurrence rate of 1) initiation behaviors of the children with PD; 2) response behaviors of the children with PD; and 3) incidence rate of initiation behaviors utilizing AAC method of the children with PD. The occurrence rates of all three behaviors were continued even after the mediation was terminated.
Discussion & Conclusion
A peer-mediated intervention by means of applying good AAC conversation skills seems to be an effective method in facilitating communicative behaviors of children with PD in inclusive preschool environment. Implications for preschool inclusion and especially for children with severe PD were discussed.
Keywords: 보완대체 의사소통(AAC) | 중도장애 | 지체장애 | 통합교육 | 또래 대화상대자 | 또래 중재 | 시작행동
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