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Commun Sci Disord. 2007;12(4): 607-624.
The Effect of “It Takes Two to Talk” Program on Communicative Abilities of the Children with Developmental Language Delay and Their Parents’ Behaviors
Jung-Mee Kim` , and Su-Hyang Lee`
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김정미(Jung-Mee Kim)| 이수향(Su-Hyang Lee)
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Background & Objectives
In the development of a child’s language skills, the role of the parent is very important. A number of studies have shown that parental responsivity facilitated a child’s communication. This study examines the effect of the parent training program (“It Takes Two Talk”, ITTT) on children with developmental language delay (DLD) and their parents’ behavior.
Four children with developmental language delay and their parents participated in the program. A total of 12 sessions, including group and individual sessions, were carried out. Child/ parent interaction during play was videotaped before and after the program. The frequency and the type of communicative function were analyzed. The parents’ use of interactive strategies was rated and optimal response and utterances were analyzed.
After the program, three of the four children with DLD showed improvement in the frequency and the type of communicative function. The parents were rated better in their use of interactive strategies after the program. Also, they increased the optimal responses and decreased the talkativeness and complexities in utterances.
Discussion & Conclusion
This study showed that the parent training program was effective in facilitating children’s communicative functions. Also, the program was effective for the parents to learn and apply interactive strategies and optimal responses, and to decrease their talkativeness and complexities of their utterances.
Keywords: 언어발달지체아동 | 부모교육프로그램 | 의사소통기능 | 상호작용 전략 | 최적반응 | 부모의 말의 양과 복잡성 | children with DLD
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