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Commun Sci Disord. 2008;13(4): 677-690.
The Relationships between Stuttering Severity, Perception of Stuttering Severity, and Social Anxiety of Adults Who Stutter
Juyun Kim` , Eunju Lee` , and Mina Hwang`
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김주연(Juyun Kim)| 이은주(Eunju Lee)| 황민아(Mina Hwang)
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Background & Objectives
This study had a two-fold purpose. One was to investigate the difference in social anxiety between adults who stutter (AWS) and normally fluent adults who do not stutter (AWNS). The other was to determine the correlation among stuttering severity, the perception of stuttering severity, and social anxiety among AWS.
The participants consisted of two groups: 20 AWS (mean age= 31.1 years) and age- and sex-matched 20 AWNS (mean age=31.7 years). In order to analyze social anxiety, a version of SIAS [Social Interaction Anxiety Scale of Mattick & Clarke (1998), adapted by Hyang-Sook Kim (1983)] was used. In order to evaluate the stuttering severity of AWS, P-FA (Paradise-fluency Assessment; Sim, Shin & Lee, 2004) was used. The perception of stuttering severity was rated by PSI (Perception Stuttering Inventory; Woolfe, 1967), which was adapted in Jeon's study (2005). Independent-samples t-test was conducted to evaluate the difference between the two groups, and Pearson's simple product moment correlation analysis was used to analyze the correlation among P-FA, PSI and SIAS scores.
The results of this study were as follows: First, AWS showed significantly higher levels of social anxiety in social situations compared to AWNS. Second, correlational analysis revealed that there was no correlation between stuttering severity and the perception of stuttering severity or between stuttering severity and social anxiety. However, there was a significant correlation between the perception of stuttering severity among AWS and social anxiety.
Discussion & Conclusion
The results of this study suggest that the measurement of social anxiety is an important element in the assessment and treatment of AWS.
Keywords: 말더듬 | 말더듬 중증도 | 말더듬 지각 정도 | 사회불안 | stuttering | severity of stuttering | perception of stuttering severity
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