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Commun Sci Disord. 2012;17(1): 92-106.
The Effect of AAC Intervention Using a Tablet PC on Aspects of Non-Verbal Students with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorders
Seon Kyoung Han` , Young Tae Kim` , and Eun Hye Park`
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한선경(Seon Kyoung Han)| 김영태(Young Tae Kim)| 박은혜(Eun Hye Park)
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Background & Objectives
Students with autism spectrum disorders can display many problems in communication due to limited speaking abilities. In addition, students with autism spectrum disorders have more breakdowns in communication and fewer strategies for breakdown repair. Therefore, to facilitate much more effective communication for autistic students, a technique called ‘Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)’ needs to be performed and taught to the students.
The present study used a single-subject, multiple baseline, across participants design to evaluate the effects of AAC intervention using a tablet PC on aspects of communication in non-verbal students with severe autism spectrum disorders. For the present study, baseline, intervention, and generalization phases were included. The study was performed at each participant’s home using AAC intervention with a tablet PC. To facilitate AAC intervention, a program called ‘My Talkie’ developed in Korea was installed on the tablet PC. The activities the participants performed were kitchen role-playing and making an ice cream cone using Play-Doh. AAC intervention was implemented 20 times; ten minutes of play before each intervention was observed for comparison purposes.
AAC intervention using a tablet PC, which is widely used in home settings, increased the frequency of communication initiations and repairs by students with non-verbal severe autism spectrum disorders. In addition, AAC intervention also influenced communication modes among students with severe autism.
Discussion & Conclusion
The results from the present study showing the use of AAC intervention with a tablet PC at home improved communication skills among students with severe autism could be of great significance.
Keywords: 보완대체의사소통 | 자폐범주성장애 | 의사소통 시도 | 의사소통 복구 | AAC | autism spectrum disorders | initiation
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